MetAtLab –
Hull-Panels in top quality with premium service

MetAtLab is a joint venture in which innovative market leadership in metal processing and concentrated know-how in electroplating technology come together.

The Carl Berghöfer company was founded in 1928 as a chemical trading company. Since the mid-1960s, the focus of the company’s activities has continuously developed towards the metal trade and the production of high-quality metal strips and sheets. Today, under the management of Arnd Berghöfer, Carl Berghöfer GmbH in Altena is the German market leader in the production of semi-finished metal products. For decades, the portfolio has also included hull cell sheets of the highest quality with globally unique features.

Arnd Berghöfer

After training as a banker, Arnd Berghöfer studied business administration in Dortmund and then worked in controlling and sales at a large brewery. In 1998 he followed the proposal of his father Kurt-Martin Berghöfer and joined the family business Carl Berghöfer GmbH in Altena One of his first tasks was to optimise and expand the production of high-quality brass hollow-cell sheets, the quality level of which has been unrivalled ever since.

Oliver Brenscheidt

Oliver Brenscheidt is a chemist with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of electroplating technology. His great-grandfather Otto Brenscheidt founded the family business, which is still active today, in 1919. His grandfather Ernst is considered the inventor of continuous electroplating. Until the end of 2016, he himself was mainly responsible for systems engineering and the development of the digital infrastructure. Most recently, he was responsible for the entire coil coating division.  Since 2017 Oliver Brenscheidt is managing director of on Metal GmbH. He is currently building up a state-of-the-art electroplating laboratory and consulting service under the brand name Brenscheidt Galvanik Service in order to be able to offer independent analyses and advice to all market participants.